Different Types Of Tiles For Your Pool

Ceramic pool tiles

In today’s time you all want the homes, backyard and swimming pool to look beautiful and gracious.You can create stunning pools by using tiles effectively in and around the pool. You can transform the commonplace swim into a memorable and unforgettable experience. Tiles are highly preferred in the pools as they are good in appearance, durable and in practical terms it is very easy to clean than the cement based surfaces.

Generally different types of tiles used like ceramic, glass, mosaics and stone also. In earlier days tiles in the pools were used as underwater need but now they are being placed inside and outside the pool to add beauty and contrast as well. Tiles are now available in wide range and colors and you choose the one according to choice and need.

Ceramic pool tiles are very hardy, strong and can withstand ant types of environmental changes. It is very easy to maintain and gives the pool a classical look. It is available in many varieties of looks at a very moderate and reasonable rate. It comes in different sizes ranging from 25mm to 97mm. They are displayed in sheets of 300mm*300mm square but bigger the tiles, the less tiles per sheet. But still because of its resistance and easy maintain it is highly appreciated.

Glass tiles have recently gained popularity in over 10 years for swimming pool. They are trendy in style and the finish is absolutely awesome. Since they are made from glass they do not have pores irrespective of other materials used. But in this the tiles have to add extra latex additives to help them to stick to the surface of the pool. Glass tiles is an expensive option, it requires an entirely different grout and install rather than ceramic tile. Glass tile are available in transparent, gold and pearl effects which gives your pool a unique appearance and effect and takes your pool to next level. But again the installation has to be done perfectly.

There is also pool lined with porcelain tiles which can also withstand the elements. But in this type of tile you need to ensure that installation has to done perfectly for longevity of this tile.

Fully tiling your tile is also one good way to go but it needs extra maintenance to make it look newer. Before deciding the tile for your pool you should keep in minds that whether that particular tile is fulfilling your need and if possible you can seek a professional advice also. So before you decide you must consider the pros and cons and decide the best tile for your pool.